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Do you have a great idea for a business or community initiative, but do not have neither the money, credit nor the administrative savvy to start and run it?

Well that frustration is not unique to you and is the very problem I hoped to solve when I started AND Direct, back in 2005. I too had zero money, jacked up credit and very little knowledge of how to start and run a business. Then I thought…that’s a business! Help others solve the very problem I’m having!

So I set out to learn all that I could about the many ways to acquire funds, repair or restore credit and how to successfully run a small business whether for profit or not for profit.

All the knowledge and skill I cultivated over the years has culminated in the set of services AND Direct offers to the public today. You need business planning and/or execution? We got you. You need credit repair? We got you. You need THE MONEY? We can get that for you too.

The key is sequence and follow through…

1st, get you house in order! Which means; Get your personal credit up to par. At the same time thats going on, you need to develop and complete your business, operations, marketing and financial plans IN WRITING.

SN: I couldn’t tell you how many would-be entrepreneurs say; “I don’t need to write it down, its in my head.” Smh, ummm no…write it down, If not for you…write it down FOR THE BANK YOU WANT A LOAN FROM! They kinda like written plans,

2nd, you have to find out where the money is. Which means; find the cheapest, least credit affecting sources of funds available. Do NOT use personal credit cards or home equity loans, These sources can put you in long term financial ruin. We can show you where the easy, cheap and less risky money is.

3rd, EXECUTE! Turn your business plan into a project management style job so you can stay on task to reach your goals sooner and more efficiently.

AND Direct can help you do all 3 of these steps!

Our job is to take our clients from “INSPIRATION TO MANIFESTATION.”

To start today…visit our website at

AND Direct…”Your Partner In The New Economy.”


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