Our business consultancy is a unique methodology for development, called Morphological Analysis. To which we add Strategic Planning (includes operational, market and financial statement development). Execution of the derived business plan and strategy is done in a Project Management style. Using this hybrid methodology provides such a high level of detail in source document knowledgebase and logic, that future planning, change and business automation (Business Rules Management Systems) is seamless. For the entrepreneur, this in-depth analysis allows him/her to have, demonstrate and engender a deep understanding of their mission/purpose, business/operations, market and financial requirements, that they can communicate to employees and investors so that they feel good about working with or financing their company.

How do we accomplish this?

Services (Pricing Sheet HERE) :

Small-business-accountant-is-small-businses-consultant-653x339Consultation & Ongoing Support;

  1. Mission/Purpose/Vision Statement Development
  2. Corporate Compliance Assessment
  3. Operations Assessment
  4. Marketing Assessment
  5. Service Recommendations Analysis & Report
  6. Client Onboarding & Ongoing Support via Contract and Service Agreement

biz devBusiness and Corporate Credit Development;

  1. Business and Strategic Planning
  2. Business Administration and Execution (“CXO Service”)
  3. Corporate Compliance
  4. Business (Personal) Credit Development
  5. Corporate Credit Development

web devWeb Development;

  1. Domain Name registration
  2. Website
  3. Social Media Integration

Marketing Execution;

  1. SEO/SEM
  2. CRM/List Services
  3. Campaign Development

financing Financials & Financing;

  1. Pro forma
  2. Auditing
  3. Tax
  4. Bookkeeping
  5. Valuation
  6. Funding


Project ManagementThe Workflow (Project Management Style)

  1. Initial Consultation
    1. Personal and Business Information Gathering
    2. Idea Capture
    3. Mission Statement Formulation and Finalization
    4. Recommendations
      1. Based on Goals
      2. Service Package Pricing
  2. Service Purchase and Commencement
    1. Service Provisioning
    2. Client Onboarding
  3. Mission Statement Deliverable
    1. Strategic Planning Outline Rubric
  4. Business Plan Delivery
    1. Deliver 1st Draft
    2. Q&A
    3. Finalize

a la carte graphicSeparately-charged Services (can be combined)

  1. Corporate Compliance
    • Check All Credit Requirements
    • Notify and Correct any Omissions
    • Need A Business Or Personal Mailing Address? Click Here
  2. Business Credit Development Service
    • 730+ FICO (45-90 days)
  3.  Corporate Credit Development Service
    • Vendor Selection, Account Set Up and Payments (Net-30 min $50/Vendor x 4 Vendors x 3 rounds = $600 expenses 90-120 days)
  4. Marketing Execution
  5. Funding Requests
  6. Complete “CXO Service