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What We Do:
The business credit building program is a process by which we systematically and in a timely manner, apply for credit cards/lines of credit on behalf of you and your business. These are “business lines of credit” that most times DO NOT show up on your personal credit profile (only the inquiries).
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Why We Do It:
Because you have cultivated excellent personal credit, you are able to procure funding (loans and/or lines of credit) for your business. Our program is different because the lenders we have identified most times DO NOT report these lines of credit on your personal credit report. Although a credit inquiry is made (which can be deleted afterwards), the only time these credit lines appear on your credit report is if you for some reason default.
How We Do It:
The system we’ve perfected systematically and sequentially identifies and applies for credit cards/lines of credit. We take your company step-by-step through several rounds of applications which grow in value during your subscription term (1 year). Most clients receive 1st Round funding within 30 days*.
The Steps;
Initial payment (Day 1)
Initial Credit Pull and Analysis (Day 2)
Contract Signing (Day 2)
Process Application (Day 2)
Credit Analysis (Day 2)
Credit Consultation (Day 3)
Business Compliance (Day 4-15)
1st Round of applications to a minimum 4 business credit lenders (Day 16-30)
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If you do not have a 700+ credit score or 80 PAYDEX, please take advantage of our MICROLOAN PROGRAM.”
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Goals And Results:
The goal of this service is to procure credit cards/lines of credit which can be used as cash to finance your operations.
Because we at AND Direct know how essential corporate credit is to a start-up or expanding business, we automatically enroll your company into our Corporate Credit Building Program if you sign up for this service. This service can be automated or we can walk you through it step by step…it’s your choice.
*Once credit profile and business entity must be in compliance