“Be-Your-Own-Boss” Starter Kit ($1,000)
What We Do:
Your AND Direct Consultant/Technician will walk you through the start-up process to get you going in the right direction. ALL OF THE FOLLOWING SERVICES ARE INCLUDED…
This Is How We Do It frame
How We Do It:
  • Our initial consultation with you will assess your business interests and present our recommendations. (Day 1)
  • We then do a Compliance Check. This check makes sure you are incorporated, have a bankable company structure,  a compliant business address, the proper SIC /NAICS Code designation, an EIN Number, a DUNS number and a business license (if necessary), a 411 Listing, a business Bank account ect. (Days 2-45)
  • Once in compliance, we work on your business’ presentation. This includes; Logo/Letterhead/Collateral, Website and E-mail, Professional Voicemail. (Days 46-60)
  • Once the Compliance and Presentation checks are made, we begin creating and building your corporate credit and financial reputation by; creating and building credit Bureau profiles (Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business). We do this by entering data to your Dun & Bradstreet and Experian Business profiles. (Days 61-90)
  • Finally, we begin applying for credit lines to be used by your business. We have an exhaustive list of lenders and vendors who lend and extend credit to new businesses. (Days 91-120)
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