Community and Economic Development as a Private Placement Memorandum-Type Investment Vehicle

With a Cooperative Bank, a Portfolio Manager and a Small Business Investment Fund as an integrated economic kernel, community and economic development can be effective, efficient and extensive.

Please click this link to view the presentation in full; “Credit Union Charter, SBIC and Investment Fund Development.” (right-click to download)

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9 thoughts on “Community and Economic Development as a Private Placement Memorandum-Type Investment Vehicle

  1. John Reply

    I can see you’ve put a lot of time and research into this.

    Here are some things you need to think about:

    1) What experience do you have in this? Do you have a banking background?

    If you don’t then that will put off investors.

    2) How much money are you looking for? $1 mil or less? If you are going to be managing this then you should at least be able to put at least $100k of your own funds on the line (via your credit score/fico score), if you can’t … you have proven you are not good with money and should not be managing this.

    3) You need a team of executive that have relevant experience in their fields. You’ll need someone that has 5+ years in accounting, thats worked for one of the major 10 accountancy firms in the country… the same goes for the rest of your executive team (CEO, CTO, CFO etc.). You should be able to present your team to a banker and say… this is my team and have them so impressed they’d be foolish NOT to want to invest into your venture. And also have some money on the line yourself.

    More on creating your team can be read here:

  2. April Reply

    I will look into this. Looks like I can help out here.. Thank you

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