1st Client in the “SuperLoom Of Fate:” THE BEFORE

We at A.N.D. Direct, LLC want to PROVE the effectiveness of our “Credit Development Services,” so we’re going to document progress for some of our clients via this blog. We are running a special program for credit services called the “SUPERLOOM OF FATE” where we’re offering 3 rounds of disputes for only $100!

First up is Mr. Elzy…he wants to improve his credit rating, so he can get access to capital to fund his business plans.

Here is his credit scores as they stand now:

Here are the sample letters we will be sending out to the Credit Bureaus and the Debt Collectors:


(Sample General Dispute Letter)                    (Sample Inquiry Dispute Letter)

We’ll check back in 30 days to see if there are any deletions aka PROGRESS! Stay tuned…

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