Credit Repair and Building Program: Tracking Progress In Real Time

Sharmell Hall Credit Repair BEFORE

Sharmella Hall BEFORE 2/21/2017


Sharmella Hall AFTER 2 weeks 3/3/2017 (no change)

Sharmella Credit Repair 3_11_2017

Sharmella Hall AFTER 3 weeks 3/11/2017 (average 65 point increase)

Sheree Cooks Credit Repair BEFORE

Sheree Cooks BEFORE 2/21/2017


Sheree Cooks AFTER 2 weeks 3/3/2017 (5 point increase)

Sheree Cooks Credit Repair 3_11_2017

Sheree Cooks AFTER 3 weeks 3/11/2017 (no score generating due to all derogatories being deleted and thus not having enough credit history to report)


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